RMAX Orange Board® is manufactured from RMAX Isolite®, a closed cell EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) material. EPS is resilient, lightweight rigid cellular plastic designed specifically for external cladding with exceptional thermal insulation - it provides very good roof and wall insulation.

AS 1366.3-1992 sets out six classes: S,SL,S,M,H and VH.
RMAX Orange Board® meets the requirements for Class M.
RMAX Orange Board® EPS does not contain fluorocarbons:
no CFC's, no HFC's or HFC's.

RMAX Orange Board® has a remarkable strength to weight ratio. Composed of cells within spheres, RMAX Orange Board® is actually 98% air, making it extremely easy, light and safe to transport, handle, cut to shape and fit. It also bonds easily to most materials using suitable adhesives.

RMAX Orange Board® is odourless and non-irritant.
Water absorption is low, yet RMAX Orange Board® breathes:
no vapour dams.

RMAX Orange Board® standard panels in 75mm & 100mm thickness:

  • 2500mm x 1200mm
  • 5000mm x 1200mm

If you have a specific R rating in mind for insulation, you can achieve it by specifying a custom thickness for your RMAX Orange Board®.

Orange Board
BAL-29 Compliant - Codemark Accredited

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The RMAX Orange Board® system includes:

A - RMAX Orange Board® - Insulated Cladding
B - RMAX Orange Board® - Fixing Accessories
C - RMAX Orange Board® - Wall Mesh
D - RMAX Orange Board® - Render
E - RMAX Orange Board® - Primer

RMAX Orange Board® Dry Mix Render is a superior quality cement-based, polymer-modified render manufactured to stringent quality standards. Quality is "built into the bag every time!" thanks to the most accurate specifications and the best raw materials, including washed-and-graded medium silica sand, acrylic powder and RMAX's own additives. It provides the ideal base for your chosen top coats.

With the RMAX Orange Board® External Cladding System you will significantly reduce your construction times and labour costs.
RMAX Orange Board® is safer for personnel and for the environment.
RMAX Orange Board® is also fully compliant with the BCA.
RMAX Orange Board® gives you so many reasons why you can relax with RMAX.

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Easy to Lift...light to lift   Easy to Shape...easy to shape   Quick to Fix...quick to fix   Perfect for Render...perfect for render