Energy Efficient
RMAX Orange Board® allows owners and occupiers to save far more energy than is used in its production. In fact, it takes only six months to recoup that energy.

Cutting Carbon
Reduce your carbon footprint. Because of its energy-saving properties, RMAX Orange Board® can cut carbon dioxide emissions by up to 50%.

No Impact on Ozone
RMAX Orange Board® is free from any substances that deplete ozone. No fluorocarbons – zero CFCs, HCFCs or HFCs. This also applies to the blowing agents used in RMAX Orange Board® production.

Low-Pollution Production
When RMAX Orange Board® is produced there is no waste – all extra material is simply reused.

Easy Recycling
Not only is RMAX Orange Board® recyclable, we make it easy for you to recycle. RMAX has recycling facilities at all our plants across Australia. Also, RMAX helped establish the EPSA, which plays a major role in collecting and recycling EPS.

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